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History of Snowpine Lodge in Alta

The original structure where Snowpine Lodge now stands was erected when mining was the primary industry locally. While we are unsure of the exact year the structure was created, we know that J.G. Stillwell – manager of Emma Mine – converted the building from a general store to a post office in 1878. In 1938, Snowpine Lodge was given its current name and declared a Skier Lodge. Since its inception, it’s been a gathering place for the community; Mayor Watson was known to tell young folk stories around the fireplace in the early 1940s.

After a complete rebuild, Snowpine Lodge reopened its doors January of 2019, with the mission to reflect the charm of times past while embodying the tasteful elegance found in the best ski lodges across the globe.

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10420 Little Cottonwood Rd, Alta, UT 84092

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Health & Safety

How we’re making your stay at Snowpine Lodge safe and comfortable.

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Transportation Request

Only 29 miles from Salt Lake International Airport.

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Ship Skis

Door-to-door shipping service for ski equipment and luggage.

No, but we do have two on-site restaurants The Gulch Pub and Swen’s Restaurant.

No, but we so have several shuttle services we work with:

Alpine Shuttle – 801-410-4001
Alta Shuttle – 801-274-0225

Yes, ski equipment rentals are available at Powder House Ski Shop on Level A of Snowpine Lodge: Powder House Ski Rentals | Snowpine Lodge

No, but Alta Ski Area has a childcare center open during the ski season: Alta Children’s Center | (altachildrenscenter.com)

Salt Lake CIty International Airport is the closest airport to Snowpine Lodge, located 36 miles away.

Your Summer Refresh

Stillwell Spa, an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation, awaits you among the majestic peaks of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains at Snowpine Lodge this season.