Why Snowpine Lodge is the perfect option for your family reunion

Family reunions are hard to coordinate. Finding the perfect travel time is difficult as you have to coordinate with everyone’s work schedules and find the most economical flights. Finding the perfect destination can be just as challenging. With different ages and interests, it’s hard to find a place that suits everyone in your family. With its wide range of amenities in both summer and winter, it’s easy to see why Snowpine Lodge is the perfect place for your family reunion.

Each room at Snowpine Lodge has been designed with the guests’ ultimate comfort in mind. The rooms boast plush bedding and spectacular views, and there is a range of options from elegant to budget-friendly. There’s truly something for everyone at Snowpine Lodge.

This is especially true if you’re planning a family get-together at Snowpine. Its wide range of lodging options makes Snowpine an excellent place to house different factions of your family who have different budgets, tastes, and expectations for the trip.

Snowpine Lodge has regular rooms as well as suites, which are excellent for larger families staying near one another. They also have expertly outfitted dorm rooms, which still include a superb view of the mountains. There has never been a better time to bring your family to Snowpine Lodge.

You have two options of where to eat at the Lodge: Swen's Restuarant and the Gulch Pub. Swen’s Restaurant is perfect for a family reunion as it boasts communal dining options and balances fine dining with a casual vibe.

The Gulch is a great place apres-ski or anytime that you choose to drop in. With original cocktails and locally sourced ingredients, the Gulch is a fun place to grab a beer or a more sophisticated cocktail like a gimlet.

Snowpine Lodge has something for everyone in whatever season you choose to visit. If you have a family member who doesn’t have the most adventurous interests, they can simply sit in their room and enjoy the marvelous views while creating wonderful memories with their family.

For those of your clan who are slightly more adventuresome, there’s a whole range of things to do.

For the fitness buffs, there is (of course) skiing in the winter, but if you’re holding your reunion in a different season, Snowpine Lodge has a fitness center and a yoga center that will help you keep up your fitness levels.

Not only does Snowpine Lodge have an outdoor pool with one of the best views in Albion Basin, but it also has a pool volleyball court net, jetted hot tubs, and basketball hoops. If swimming isn’t your thing, there’s a range of poolside seating so that you can still spend time with your loved ones even if you don’t feel like taking a dip.

There are outdoor firepits on both the pool deck and the terrace so you can keep cozy and warm while admiring the stellar view.

And for the kids, there’s a brand-new excellent game room on the premises. So even if mom and dad want to spend some time enjoying the view, the kids can easily find their way to the game room for some fun.

Nestled in Alta, Utah, Snowpine Lodge has a wonderful history. Although many visitors come in the winter for a dream ski vacation, there’s plenty to do whether or not you hit the slopes. Snowshoeing, winter hiking, and dog sledding are a few of the options available to entertain your family on their epic family reunion.

Snowpine Lodge is beautiful in the summer as well. There are swaths of wildflowers in the alpine meadows and wildlife abounds. Trail biking, hiking, or bird-watching are just a few of the activities that would make some glorious memories on your next family reunion. There’s also fly-fishing and horseback riding if you want to get up close and personal with some of the animal life around Alta.

Snowpine Lodge is a place you and your family can come back to again and again. Family reunions are a great way of keeping a family in touch and making new memories. With its family-friendly feel and inclusive amenities, Snowpine Lodge is the perfect option for your next family reunion.