• ACE Custom Leather Coozies

DIY Custom Leather Coozies (ACE)

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wednesday, May 31st | 6 PM | Our Lady of the Snows | $5 | Pre-Register

Give your favorite mug or cup a facelift with a custom leather coozie! Bring your own mug / cup with you for this workshop. Craft your unique coozie out of leather, adding stamped designs, rivets and/or stitching. Let the creative juices flow right onto your cup! Learn the basic techniques of leather work as well as the more fine details of the craft.

(Leather coozies are to be hand washed only.)

Tina Stoy has been working with leather since 2018. She got into leather working after taking a couple workshops while traveling abroad and fell in love with the craft immediately. Her favorite part about working with leather is how diverse of a material it is, your creativity is the limit when it comes to working with leather. Plus it is such a durable material, a great leather item will last a lifetime.

*The mugs in the photos are made by Kim Hall of Alpine Earthworks Pottery

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6:00PM 7:00PM


10189 E State Highway 210, Alta, UT 84092

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