• Après Art: Composition of Landscape Painting (ACE)

Après Art: Composition of Landscape Painting (ACE)

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

après art: composition of landscape painting

Tuesday, February 27th | 5:00 PM | Our Lady of the Snows | $5 | Sign-Up

In this class, students will learn the fundamental principles of composing a landscape painting. You will use a combination of graphite and acrylic paints to compose your own painting from a sweeping, panoramic scene. This class is especially suited to students looking to connect more deeply with their own creative intuition, while also focusing on the fundamentals of design. At the end of the class, you will leave with a small series of thumbnail sketches and a final painting of your chosen composition. This class will also empower you with the skills needed to compose your own, original painting from any scene.

Summer Doss is a painter, designer, skier and river guide based out of Flagstaff, Arizona and Salt Lake City, UT. Her work, in the studio and in the field, centers around the fundamental belief that experiences out of doors have the power to remind us of our inextricable connection to nature, our shared humanity, our resilience, and our capacity for fun.

Summer received her BFA in Communication arts from VCUarts in 2020. Now, she is a professional landscape painter alongside her work in the outdoor recreation industry. Summer seeks to share her knowledge on combining outdoor experiences of awe and beauty with the fundamentals of composing a painting: a delicate balance of raw, expressive creativity and distilling experience into something tangible and orderly.

ACE aims to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all of our attendees; please contact our Executive Director, Sara Gibbs, with any questions regarding accessibility.

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