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Celestial Frights & Solar Delights

Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday the 13th and a solar eclipse!

Snowpine Lodge invites you to experience a celestial weekend like no other. On October 13th and 14th, we’re bringing you a cosmic celebration that combines the mystique of Friday the 13th with the awe-inspiring wonder of a solar eclipse. Enjoy live music and drink specials at The Gulch Pub, s’mores by the fire, fall hiking, and witness a partial solar eclipse from our Cedar Terrace with your special eclipse-viewing spectacles. It’ll be a weekend to remember!

October 13 – Live Music at The Gulch Pub, 6-9pm
October 14 – Solar Eclipse viewing on Cedar Terrace
Partial begins approximately – 9:09am, Annularity begins – 10:26am, Maximum – 10:28am, Annularity ends – 10:31am, Patrial ends – 11:56am
October 14 – Live Music at The Gulch Pub, 6-9pm

The eclipse is weather-dependent. We’re just outside of the full eclipse path, but we should still get to witness about 90% of it.

Stay the weekend and save: Celestial Frights & Solar Delights | Snowpine Lodge

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10420 Little Cottonwood Rd, Alta, Utah 84092


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