• Drop by Drop, Letter by Letter (ACE)

Drop by Drop, Letter by Letter (ACE)

Thursday, January 18, 2024

drop by drop, letter by letter

Thursday, January 18th | 6 PM | Our Lady of the Snows | $5 | Sign-up

Imagination, ink and water swirl together as we make Suminagashi prints (an ancient form of Japanese paper marbling) with Sumi ink and waters from Alta area and the Great Salt Lake with artist, Lana Neilson. You’ll learn about the Great Salt Lake and waters that flow through our ecosystem and make Suminagashi prints inspired by your connection to water and nature. The workshop will culminate in writing your own water story.

Lana Neilson is an illustrator, and visual designer based in Salt Lake City, Utah who loves long wanderings in nature. Inspired by the Great Salt Lake, she collects water from the lake and rivers that flow through our ecosystem to create Suminagashi prints (the ancient Japaneese art of paper marbling). She chose this medium to give the water a “speaking presence” within the work – a visual moment of connection between herself and the water. The prints honor the beauty and the life-giving power of water and an intention to move from a transactional to a generative relationship with our natural environment. She believes through community and the deep intelligence of nature as guide, it is possible to reimagine, repair and bring new life to stressed and depleted ecosystems.

ACE aims to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all of our attendees; please contact our Executive Director, Sara Gibbs, with any questions regarding accessibility.

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10189 East Highway 210 Alta, UT, 84092

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