• Flora & Fauna Watercolor: Chickadee
    Flora & Fauna Watercolor: Chickadee

Flora & Fauna Watercolor: Chickadee

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Tuesday, August 29th | 6 PM | Alta Peruvian Lawn | $5 | Sign Up

This in-person watercolor class will be focused on creating a small piece of chickadee painting. The attendees will learn to draw the basic shapes of the chickadee, and the wet on wet and wet on dry painting skills to color the drawing. You will also learn to use salt on wet paint to create the unique pattern on your painting.

Vicky was born and raised in Taiwan. She moved to the USA 12 years ago and has been working, skiing and playing at Alta ski area for the past 9 seasons. Vicky has been painting Alta landscapes for the past 9 years. You might see her watercolor artwork in many of the ski shops around Alta. When not working or skiing, she enjoys painting, yoga, and feeding the birds in the woods. Vicky will be around the Alta ski area this summer, so if you see her, please say hi!

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10000 Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, Alta, UT, 84092

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