• Outdoor Ballet: Phases with Darling and Debonair
    Outdoor Ballet: Phases with Darling and Debonair

Outdoor Ballet: Phases with Darling and Debonair

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Sunday, August 13th | 3 PM DOORS – 3:30pm SHOW | Snowpine Lodge Grand Lawn | $10 | Pre-Register


  • This event will take place on the Grand Lawn of the Snowpine Lodge

  • You must bring your own  blanket or LOW chairs (must be 31.5” height or less).

  • Food and beverages available for purchase

  • Outside food and beverages NOT allowed

  • 3 PM Doors – 3:30pm Show begins

The audience will be treated to a wonderful, artistic evening of dancing and live music. The dancers will be performing a contemporary ballet style, while accompanied by the wonderful singers Darling and Debonair. The ballet Phases evokes the philosophic and romantic cycles and ever shifting nature of life. SLBC dancers and choreographers’ imaginations were sparked by the artistic methods and content of Darling & Debonair’s music. They collectively mused with the musical duo on how well the phases of the moon represent the phases we go through in life: love, heartbreak, the pursuit of happiness, finding our purpose etc. Please join us in musing on the waxing and waning of life.

Salt Lake Ballet Cooperative (SLBC) is a nonprofit group that provides opportunities for artists to dance and perform together where they otherwise may not have been able to. Most dancers and performers with SLBC have grown up with some sort of dance training, and are hoping to continue their passion for dance while also having the flexibility to work in other professions and careers.

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10420 Little Cottonwood Rd, Alta, Utah 84092

(801) 742-2000

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